We are currently reviewing our packages for you, so you get the savings and best bang for buck.

In the meantime, if you want you music up and online, don’t delay…

Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

Website Care Packages available for website refresh or updates (wordpress based – plugins, security, outdated site/theme, conversion to mobile and tablet friendly site).

Give your site a facelift with music. simply.

Here’s what we can do….

you are green:

  • let us host and design your website
  • build and maintain your social media
  • provide support to you for an agreed term
  • grow and drive traffic to your online platforms, essentially your brand (website)

already got a facebook, and website?

  • let’s come up with a plan for you to grow your fan base and reach
  • grow your database of fans, and target a new audience – gain more fans
  • look at a strategic marketing plan for you and your music, so you get the exposure you deserve

know how to run your website and wanna know how you can work it for yourself…

  • we can provide an initial consult, identifying opportunities
  • let’s really get into what results you want to see from the service we can provide
  • open the doors to target marketing, SEO, audience growth, and merch sales

just need to meet the right people that can help?

  • our network of partners and affiliates are ready to talk
  • graphic design, apparel, merchandise supply and more
  • get your band on a t-shirt and capitalise
  • full logo suites available

all of the above are example of how we can help. to come up with a fully tailored plan, give us a call. we’re happy to sit down over a cold one and come up with your plan.