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Number one.

SEO done right and using my recipe will get gains.

Holy Shit! My personal SEO challenge and very own recipe has got this very site to number one for the google search term

“music web design sunshine coast”

within 2 short months!

Maps and Search!


So, how the hell did I do it? Well I can’t give you all the secrets 😉

But what can be shared – is by simply looking back in my previous blogs about having your own space (and how to capitalise) and how to best utilise blogs to increase your rankings

But it isn’t just about punching out a couple of blogs… you gotta maintain! That means creating fresh content… constantly.

Another little trick that I can share is make sure you get a google listing for your band/brand/business. Recent changes in google algorithms mean that if you are a region dependant performer and need to reach out to your local fanbase/venues/booking agents, it’s best if you have a google listing… like this one.

Allowing you to share pics, gain reviews and update your profile, it kind of acts like a business listing that will help you get found online. Without one of these, good luck being found on the first 5 pages of google.

How to do it? Easy… Simply google “google my business” and set yourself up with a listing so that you can be found!

So… watch this space coz a new client has decided to come onboard and we will be driving their site up the ladder to page one in the next few months…

But that’s the next blog…