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How do you SEO?

As a follow-up to my first post regarding getting your own space online, I wanted to help some of you who are confident and comfortable with pushing the envelope (if you already have your own site) with some easy hints and tips to getting traffic to your site and improving your SEO organically using WordPress as a CMS.

Blog Posts (Fresh Content)

Funny that this is exactly what I’m doing as we speak/write/read. When I first kicked things off with my own site – I worked tirelessly to get it onto page one for the search term “music web design sunshine coast”. Within about 6 months job was done. Had the search terms and SEO down and was getting enquiries from acts in Melbourne, and some local crew, but one that blew me away was an enquiry from a U.S Hip Hop act! (which was bloody daunting, and at the time had to knock ’em back – unsure of international legalities regarding insurance etc). Working on clients sites have led my very own site to fall behind. So follow the journey from here with me, and watch this site climb back to page one.  By the way, I never did the blog thing (until now).

So this is me practicing what I preach.

Keeping the content fresh on your site is one of the keys to getting your site climbing up the ranks and onto page one. Of course there is more to the backend with the imagery, keywords and long tail keywords etc. But to kick it off with the simplest of methods… write a blog.

If content is king on a website – then fresh content is the QUEEN.

Use links in your blogs

Linking pages, to both external sites (third party websites – eg. references) and internal pages within your site help. You’ll see clever hyperlinks in my last blog, and throughout this one. Links help the google spiders (oka Googlebots) that crawl around the world wide web verifying and finding your site.

Utilise your image fields

Use an image in your post and utilise ALL the fields… the pic below (created with canva) says it all, and actually follows best practice. Simply edit your image (in wordpress) and add the details as listed. NB: the alt text needs-hypens-between-each-word


music web design sunshine coast

Of course with all the above being said and done, the main two things you need is know-how and time. It does take a little bit of nous, knowing all the ins and outs of setting your images correctly, finding and applying the right links, and generally finding your way around a website. By all means, have a crack. You can’t really break your website by playing around with building one blog post. But what you do need is the website to begin with! 😉 #justsayin